The palm forests in pampas

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Palmov gozdPalmov gozdPalms grew solitary and were just in flowers. First smaller plants, as lower as a man, were just few steps away from dusty trail so I could touch the edges of their sharp leaves. In places where they grew more dense they push up over five meters over grass.

Though we saw the horses in high grass of pampas, at first moment this place looked like as uninhabited. On low hill on east side the old house looks more like ruins or chapel as a kind of populated building. But when we saw the rider coming on road, it became clear that so rich country cant live without people.

PampaOn my good luck I checked as early as there how behave my polar filter on good lens in very sunny environment. I was surprised the filter took so much of light that I should use a tripod for daily snaps. For that reason, I store all of filters back to my bag and left them intact to the end of my journey.

Palmov gozdFrom Achiras to the west the shape of landscape completely changed because of presence of high palm trees. Behind the plane high stony hills raised up but still the country looked like a kind of Mediterranean seaside place.Palme, verjetno vrste Tritinax


We guessed that the palm trees were the Tritinax species, but without soothsayer is hardly to know which species really grows there. Palma v pampiThe closest name could be T. campestris which is described as the plant of Argentinean country.

They grow everywhere on the flats to low hills towards north, but Pampa in konjito the south the small forests of palms disappear in wide agitated pampas where we noticed also few horses.


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