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The way to Arecifes

The most often stops in long way will be needed for searching the toilets and purchase of water. It is best to buy enough of water immediately in the morning before start but you can renew the stock of fresh cold water in every petrol station. A liter of cold water will cost you a peso, for big sandwich you'll pay three pesos.

The toilets on filling stations are mostly in bad condition. Also, they looks very dirty, but I had no problems with diseases although I drunk the tap water in many places. There is no problems with water disposability at all, on some stations we had a chance to get the toilet paper for wiping the hands from kind chap. I was carefull, I checked first if the water has strange smell but in all cases it was good.

In Colon we met Raul and his family. Raul is agronomist and very successful agricultural adviser. He has lot of work because the farmers in this country clearly see the importance od good growing practice. Raul is also great lover of cacti and Argentinean flora at all.

We were witnesses of kind discussion; few members of our group knew Raul before. Nevertheless, the stop was short. We still had to ride over hundred miles to our first cactus field.

100 kilometers befor Rio QuartoLong way to Merlo stretches on over two hundred kilometers of boring plane where between fields of soya appear very rare hamlets. Soon the sky get rid of clouds. Although the air is very clear, on horizon is impossible to notice any tracks of hills or mountains.

As more we traveled to inland towards Cordilleras as more we felt the connection and symbiosis of natives. The traffic ran without any hysteric overtaking as we are familiar in Slovenia. The drivers saluted each other with honking and swinging though they didn't know each other.

When I stayed by road to take few shots of passing cars, the drivers started to wave theirs hands and blow a trumpet. First I thought that the photographing was disturbing them but later I realized that this was only a kind greeting that is quite common habitude. However, with brandish the camera is better to be careful. In some locus the people doesn't like to be photographed.


Buenos Aires

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