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I was born on January 13 th 1961 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. In 1978 I finished school of Chemistry in Ljubljana and got a job on Chair of Physical Chemistry of University of Chemistry in Ljubljana, and two years later in Kolinska in Ljubljana where since 1996 have worked as managing director.

I'm occupied with amateur photography, painting, botany and programming in Clipper and Visual Basic language. This home page is my work. I'm very grateful for your remarks, opinions and suggestions.

I met with digital technology in the year 1998 when I established my first home page with botanical content about cacti and other succulents. Because of bad results with scanned photographic materials I decided to buy and use digital camera which brought the joyfulness for digital photography in my life.

In first years of progress of digital photography the insignificant interest for digital process by professional photographers and needfulness for more knowledge among family photographers, which had reached on digital cameras more and more often, appeared in a new strength. For that reason we organized, with cooperation with ZOP-CR, Digital photography courses, which we have ran two years. The contentment of so far existing participants in a courses stimulated us to follow fast development of digital techniques and to proceed with courses in the future.

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Copyrights signs are printed on pictures as small water print on bottom left or right corner of each picture.

This site was established on march 1th, 2005.


Buenos Aires


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Argentina and Chile

Leading article

Advantages of arranged journey

Photographic equipment

Photographic rucksack


Border crossing

Landing in Buenos Aires

Argentina and Chile

Sojourn in hotel

Buenos Aires

The splendour...

... and misery of big town

Park Costanera Sur

Rio de la Plata

Laguna de los Patos

In the shadow of skyscrapers

Buenos Aires at night

The night on the streets

Entertainment and safety

Argentina and Chile

On the way to Arecifes


The palm forests in pampa





Rio Las Tumanas

Valle Fertil

Baldes Del Rosario

Pred parkom Valle del Luna


Valle Pintado

Cancha de Bochas

El Hongo

Rio Colorado

Argentina and Chile


Chirau Mita

Sierra de Velasco

Rio Capayan


La Puntilla


Las Angosturas

Rumi Rayan

Paso San Francisco

Argentina and Chile

Rio Capayan

La Puntilla


Las Angosturas

Rumi Rayan

Paso San Francisco

Copyright sign AstroKaktus is the Logo of www.astrokaktus.com, which is edited by webmaster Zvone Rovšek, the editor of home pages Digital Photography, CactusBase, Gallery Echinopsis and Argentina. The photographic and travel guide 'Cacti of Argentina and Chile' arised in year 2005 after longer journey over Argentinean Cordilleras and Atacama desert in Chile. The main purpose of the journey was the use of digital photography of cacti in their environment.

Home - Digital photography, Argentina and Chile - beautiful countries of sun, sea and cacti in the lens ot digital camera.
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